"Whinny MT"

"W"  When

"H"  Horses

"I"  In

"N"  Need

"N"  Need

"Y"  You

woman kissing horse

We listen...

Our Mission

   The Montana Horse Welfare Council consists of groups and individuals who have come together in alliance for the purpose of helping equines in need, advocating equine welfare and improving overall conditions for equines through education of owners, support of law enforcement, and coordination of veterinarian assistance, hay bank and foster care or placement.

Our Goals

mare and foul

  • Assisting horse owners in need of food and medical care for their horses.
  • Providing networking for finding rescue or foster care of horses needing relocation from their present homes.
  • Supporting law enforcement in investigations of abuse and neglect cases.
  • Disseminating educational information on the responsibilities, costs, general care and training associated with horse ownership.
  • Developing a network of state organizations that can be called on to participate in assisting with the above tasks (i.e. rescues).