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Hay Bank

Hay Application

Hay Waiver

Veterinary Care (Not yet available.)

General Care

Hay Bank and Veterinary Care

The MHWC is here to assist you when confronted with unexpected life situations that result in a temporary inability to feed your horses. The following is the process for applying for benefits.

  • 1.Complete the Application and Waiver Forms and email them to us at
  • 2. We will contact you within two weeks as to your eligibility and the amount of your hay grant. Be sure to provide the name and contact information of at least two local hay suppliers that you have access to. If you do not qualify or if we do not have funding available at this time, we will notify you accordingly.
  • 3.We encourage people whenever possible to pay back the funds received so others may also benefit from the program.

The MHWC's goal is to help you keep your horses in their healthy and loving home. In the event that you can no longer care for your horse(s); please contact us concerning foster care and placement options.

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Please note: The funding available from our Hay Bank varies at different times of the year.